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2.15200723:07Link Minor Earthquake- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
4.117850022:24Link Light Earthquake- OFFSHORE OAXACA, MEXICO - Yesterday
3.4131552722:20Link Minor Earthquake- WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Yesterday
4142601322:12Link Light Earthquake- HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN - Yesterday
23200022:07Link Minor Earthquake- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
2.610649122:07Link Minor Earthquake- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
4.11901040021:31Link Light Earthquake- SALTA, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
1.50291621:26Link Minor Earthquake- CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION - Yesterday
4.51461203021:22Link Light Earthquake- MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - Yesterday
35720121:18Link Minor Earthquake- WASHINGTON - Yesterday
2.411648721:14Link Minor Earthquake- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
4117841021:07Link Light Earthquake- CHIAPAS, MEXICO - Yesterday
316271720:47Link Minor Earthquake- IONIAN SEA - Yesterday
211649620:41Link Minor Earthquake- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
2.1331143020:39Link Minor Earthquake- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday
1.79204320:38Link Minor Earthquake- CROATIA - Yesterday
1.416204620:37Link Minor Earthquake- CROATIA - Yesterday
2.54772220:29Link Minor Earthquake- WESTERN TEXAS - Yesterday
3.64919520:29Link Minor Earthquake- NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR - Yesterday
2.412648820:26Link Minor Earthquake- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
21802120:25Link Minor Earthquake- LONG VALLEY AREA, CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
1.50204420:23Link Minor Earthquake- CROATIA - Yesterday
4.5251256920:10Link Light Earthquake- SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION - Yesterday
2.85663320:10Link Minor Earthquake- KASHMIR-INDIA BORDER REGION - Yesterday
2.82204320:08Link Minor Earthquake- CROATIA - Yesterday
4.36001603420:00Link Light Earthquake- FIJI REGION - Yesterday
32279419:56Link Minor Earthquake- GREECE - Yesterday
218236719:44Link Minor Earthquake- ALBANIA - Yesterday
4.28539519:40Link Light Earthquake- NORTHEASTERN IRAN - Yesterday
3.5361831819:37Link Minor Earthquake- OFF E. COAST OF N. ISLAND, N.Z. - Yesterday
3.1101310719:05Link Minor Earthquake- SUMBA REGION, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.3151201318:57Link Minor Earthquake- PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION - Yesterday
2.8281141218:45Link Minor Earthquake- OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE - Yesterday
2.71381021718:21Link Minor Earthquake- TARAPACA, CHILE - Yesterday
2.13240018:08Link Minor Earthquake- ALBANIA - Yesterday
2.65772018:05Link Minor Earthquake- WESTERN TEXAS - Yesterday
2.11190417:55Link Minor Earthquake- AZORES-CAPE ST. VINCENT RIDGE - Yesterday
3.89989817:47Link Minor Earthquake- SOUTHERN PERU - Yesterday
4.434620917:45Link Light Earthquake- ANGUILLA REGION, LEEWARD ISLANDS - Yesterday
3.2101287517:33Link Minor Earthquake- BALI SEA - Yesterday
2.425200017:28Link Minor Earthquake- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
3.514571817:25Link Minor Earthquake- SOUTHERN IRAN - Yesterday
3.1101241317:22Link Minor Earthquake- MOLUCCA SEA - Yesterday
2.510200817:15Link Minor Earthquake- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
4.860929017:11Link Light Earthquake- PERU-ECUADOR BORDER REGION - Yesterday
233195417:11Link Minor Earthquake- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
471007817:07Link Light Earthquake- TAIWAN - Yesterday
3.66831617:06Link Minor Earthquake- PANAMA - Yesterday
4.1149837116:58Link Light Earthquake- OAXACA, MEXICO - Yesterday
3691137616:57Link Minor Earthquake- COQUIMBO, CHILE - Yesterday